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January 21, 2018

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About Ken Doctor & Newsonomics

KD RIO INFORMAL MARCH 2013 USE ON INSIDE ABOUT PAGE02KDOCTORKen Doctor’s work centers on the transformation of consumer media in the digital age, from the New York Times to Netflix and from Comcast to Conde Nast. He draws connections among the news, information and entertainment we all get and the fast-changing business of media.

Newsonomics is the word he coined to describe this new discipline of understanding the money flow within the print and broadcast transition to digital. Crossover Newsonomics describes the age that most media owners now find themselves in the midst of.

He is the author of “Newsonomics: Twelve New Trends That Will Shape the News You Get,” which has been translated into Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Portuguese and Russian. Ken writes the popular “Newsonomics” column for the Nieman Journalism Lab and writes regularly for POLITICO Media as well. Most of his work can be found at www.newsonomics.com

As a speaker and consultant, he works with media globally, advising on new sustainable business models of contemporary journalism. In that work, he focuses on the many issues and opportunities offered by the transformation of news and consumer media. Among the many topics covered – and tailored – are major trends driving business change, All-Access and digital circulation models, newer revenue streams including marketing services and content marketing and smart use of emerging technologies. Increasingly, he focuses on the central importance of analytics and use of “Little Data” in driving media companies forward.

A veteran of the digital media industry, he combines deep experience as an executive in strategy, revenue models and journalism. His experience includes 21 years with Knight Ridder, as well as time spent in the worlds of licensing, corporate development, business development and syndication.

His major non-work commitment is to education and to improving life in Santa Cruz County.

Ken has served as both past president of the UC Santa Cruz Foundation and the UCSC Alumni Council. A graduate of UCSC, and a 18-year-long volunteer for UCSC, he has focused strongly on undergraduate education, access and preparing the whole student for life and work in the digital age. Further, Ken serves on the University of Oregon’s School Journalism and Communication Journalism Advancement Council.

Ken now serves as a board member for the Museum of Art and History, in Santa Cruz.

On Twitter, he’s found @kdoctor
On Facebook, as https://www.facebook.com/kendoctor
On LinkedIn, as http://www.linkedin.com/in/newsonomics