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January 21, 2018

Interview, Folha Do Sao Paulo

Interview, Folha Do Sao Paulo
By Nelson de Sa
April, 2013

Brazil Media Ad Change
In Brasil, TV, newspapers and other traditional media don’t even report the IAB numbers (which is what I’m trying to do with this story). Do you see the 2012 report, recently announced, as reliable?
The big question for Brasil, with 65% TV ad market share, how much of that money will digital grab?

In the U.S., 64% of all digital advertising – now the second biggest source of ads, as in Brasil – goes to just five companies. Google (which gets about 41% by itself), Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft and AOL. Google and Facebook show the greatest growth trajectory. Facebook now sells more digital advertising than the entire US newspaper industry. The share of the top 5 is increasing one to two points per year.

Brazilian newspapers are highly aware of a similar impact and are in the midst of much strategizing – technological and advertising – and how to respond to Google and Facebook inroads.

2. Can the media and advertising industries, by now, pretend not to notice the Google impact?
Newspapers are reselling both Google and Facebook, having adjusted to both. Both have customer targeting data many times greater than individual or groups of newspapers, so competing directly – and trying to charge premium prices – is increasingly difficult.

3. Can you outline the major finds and trends, specially vis-a-vis the emerging countries?
Yes, we are seeing hypergrowth in emerging countries, and then, of course, it settles a bit. Yet, in the US, we’re still seeing double-digit increases on a large base.