Who Will Buy Fortune, Sports Illustrated, Time and Two Major Cox Newspapers?

It’s time to reset the clock on Time Magazine, as well as its sister publications Fortune and Sports Illustrated. As Meredith Corp. announced its ability to close its long-anticipated buy of Time Inc.., , one door closed, but another opened. Though Meredith CEO Steve Lacy has ...

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Newsonomics: Seven Big Questions As Meredith Digests Its Time Inc Buy

Des Moines takes Manhattan? The pride of Iowa publishing, Meredith Corp,, looks like it has finally put Time Inc. out of its 20-year print-to-digital agony. On Sunday, Nov. 26, as expected, Meredith agreed to buy Time. While this has been a deal long expected to find a way toward completion, ...

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The DEAL Week That Was: Making Sense Of Fox, Time Inc., Buzzfeed, Mashable, the Kochs and the FCC

It was a day to remember. Media consolidation finally saw its big day in the news, Thursday, Nov. 16, as so many long-running storylines began to reach their climaxes. Fueled by the Koch brothers’ half-billion dollars or more, Midwest stalwart Meredith Corp. looks like it finally has the ...

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Newsonomics: A Call To Arms (And Wallets) In The New Era Of Deregulation And Bigger Media

Quibble, if you will, about the level of degeneracy now afoot in the heart of the Old and New Confederacy, as the Roy Moore saga provides yet more sick drama in the country. That’s a sideshow. What’s quickly appearing on the main stage — if it’s still behind the curtain for now — is the... Read More

Newsonomics: The 2016 Media Year By The Numbers, and A Look Toward 2017

2016 goes down as a memorable year for those in and around the media. Though audience levels have never been higher, the digital transformation burden weighed ever more heavily on news media’s back. Then “the media” saw itself pummeled endlessly in the run-up to the election and even more in ...

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Newsonomics: Tribune’s Latest Lease on Life

Follow Newsonomics on Twitter @kdoctor Companion post: Newsonomics: Split ‘Ems — & Then There Was Gannett   First published at Harvard’s Nieman Journalism Lab “We’re getting toward the end of the finish line,” Jack Griffin tells me as he sits in a car whooshing to an ...

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