Dallas Morning News Reinvents the Art (and Science) of Local Digital Marketing

Plus one. Plus two. Plus three. Call it the new addition, and it’s the now-more-public new business strategy of A.H. Belo Corp,, longtime owner of the fast-changing Dallas Morning News. On Tuesday, Oct. 31, A.H. Belo restructured itself into two operating divisions. Belo Media Group ...

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Newsonomics: The U.S. Newspaper industry’s $1.4 Billion Money Hole

How big a hole is the U.S. daily newspaper industry in? We know the toll in newsroom jobs — about 20,000 lost in a little under a decade — and the fact that the industry as a whole took in about $26 billion less in 2014 than it did a decade earlier. We’re used to,... Read More

The Newsonomics of Where NewsRight Went Wrong

Renamed NewsRight, it was an industry consortium, and here a truism applies: It’s tougher for a consortium — as much aimed at defense than offense — to innovate and adjust quickly. Or, to put it in vaudevillian terms: Dying is easy — making decisions among 29 newspaper companies can be ...

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The Newsonomics of Native, Indigenous, and Immigrant content

The newsonomics of native, indigenous, and immigrant content promises a revenue evolution for both national publishers and regional ones. At a time when pricing pressure on display ads remains relentless — and even Google’s paid search rates have hit a bad patch, causing recent investor concern ...

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The Newsonomics of Google’s (Ad) Singularity

Add it up, and Google moves to its next stage. Paid search equals about half of digital advertising, and the Google absolutely dominates that business, with a still-astounding 82 percent market share. Since buying Doubleclick for a paltry $3.1 billion in 2007, it has moved to become the display ...

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The Newsonomics of the Dead Cat Bounce

Are there any positive growth numbers to report? Which categories may be turning positive — maybe national or retail display ads — as the sagging economy continues to plague the traditional classified strengths of auto, recruitment, and real estate?

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