An Outbrain For Newspapers: Headlines Network Launches

You can call it Outbrain for newspapers, if you want. Or perhaps a tamer Taboola. Tim Landon doesn’t particularly care how you characterize his latest network effort. Just click on his widgets – which you’ll soon see on hundreds of daily newspaper sites across the country, starting over the ...

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Tribune to Fire L.A. Times Publisher Austin Beutner

Updates on this story, at Politico Media   Tribune Publishing will announce Tuesday the termination of highly regarded L.A. Times publisher Austin Beutner, I’ve learned. Beutner’s leave-taking may be announced as a resignation. The firing is an unexpected one, though one built on ...

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What the Next Recession Could Do to The Media Business

Maybe it’s a blip. Maybe we’ll see the global stock market plunge of the last week as a hysterical overreaction to China’s economic woes. Or maybe, it’s the unwelcome, but real, signal that the economic recovery that the U.S. – and lately Europe – have enjoyed may be compromised. Certainly, ...

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What Splitsville Tells Us — and New Intrigue in L.A.

First published at Harvard’s Nieman Journalism Lab   Earlier, related posts: Tribune’s Latest Lease on Life                                        Split ‘Ems — & Then There Was Gannett                           ... Read More

Newsonomics: Tribune’s Latest Lease on Life

Follow Newsonomics on Twitter @kdoctor Companion post: Newsonomics: Split ‘Ems — & Then There Was Gannett   First published at Harvard’s Nieman Journalism Lab “We’re getting toward the end of the finish line,” Jack Griffin tells me as he sits in a car whooshing to an ...

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