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February 19, 2018

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Newsonomics Services

Ken Doctor is an analyst with a ringside seat at the greatest story ever told about the global news media industry. Fully employing more than 35 years of experience across a wide range of media, he’s become a go-to speaker, press source and consultant for legacy and emerging press around the world.

His keynotes and engagements level with his audiences – and find the ways forward with company and industry strategy.  They leave audiences, large group or small, both challenged and energized.


“We just had McKinsey,” said one client recently. “ They delivered lots of facts and figures, but you gave us an informed view of the marketplace, what publishers are actually doing that is working or isn’t.”

That sums up a “practical forecasting” approach to the print and broadcast digital transformation. Ken told the industry it was “hitting a wall,” back in 2007. He early on alerted audiences and clients to the value of the tablet in the tablet in the mobile age and laid out why well-deployed paywalls would indeed work, when many others lampooned the notion.  Today, he focuses on the nitty-gritty of the new business models – and revenue streams – now being built brick by brick.

The Newsonomics discipline is about fact and metrics, not journalistic religion nor habit, and derives from a trusted access across the legacy and digital news marketplace.

Newsonomics Services

Each Newsonomics keynote and engagement is tailored to the audience or client.

Among the most-used Newsonomics services:

  • Conference keynotes: In the last two years, Ken has given keynotes at conferences from Berlin to Sydney and Moscow to Sao Paulo, as well as addressing more than dozen of the U.S. state newspaper association annual meetings. Each keynote is freshly prepared – often including the last week’s highlights. The intention: to provide audiences of both the challenges and the opportunities within the wider consumer media landscape. Audiences’ feedback: Energized, if more fully aware of the tough competitive landscape before them. Ken’s presentations are long on storytelling and visuals, with the slides advancing the storylines, but not overwhelming audiences with lots of words.  Check out some sample keynotes, here.  

In addition, Ken has lead Q and As with high-profile executives of legacy and new media and helped organizers plan and execute conferences.

  • Company media landscape sessions:  In our times of great transition, those in media often feel embattled and alone. In these sessions, Ken paints a wider context of media change — How does Netflix’ consumer strategy mirror newspapers’ All-Access subscription approach, for instance  — so that journalists and marketers can see themselves in the wider picture. Then, depending on company priorities and change plans, Ken details – with lots of company examples – the emerging best practices useful to moving forward. The sessions can be targeted for executive, business-side or editorial groups, or any combination of the three.
  • Company strategy reviews:  As media companies embark on new strategies, they find the Newsonomics approach both acts as a feeder of data and knowledge and as a checkpoint on their plans. For instance, as paywalls have been a go-to approach, Ken’s detailed look at execution – what’s worked, what’s worked best, and what hasn’t – has been a great aid to company executives.  Strategy encompasses everything from All-Access and digital circulation models to newer revenue streams like marketing services, content marketing and events, as well as advertising change. In addition, Ken has focused on new product orientation and the shifting role of newsroom in content creation. Again, all visits are customized to the company’s timely needs.
  • Workshops around specific initiatives: From brainstorming to final checkpoints on launches, workshops offer the leadership and moderation to advance company or conference sessions.
  • Corporate communications group media overviews: With the media they work with in vast change, communications groups value sessions targeted to their understanding of the fast-changing media environment.
  • College residences:  The next generation of journalists faces both greater opportunity and the gig economy of job prospects. In one-day and other student-oriented sessions, Ken engages journalists-to-be in the issues of the day.


Fees are determined on a day rate or engagement basis.  Please inquire here