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November 29, 2015


“Newsonomics Of” Columns, from Harvard’s Nieman Journalism Lab

Newsonomics: 10 Questions into 2016, Including Ad Blockers, Watson, TPUB and Particles

Everyone’s got questions. CNBC’s crew faced the Republican Ten for about an hour last evening until finding themselves in a no-man’s land. In front of them were the candidates who turned the tables on them, asserting that old standby “media ...

Newsonomics: The Thinking (and Dollars) Behind The New York Times’ New Digital Strategy

It was a quiet manifesto — an 11-page document that unofficially serves as The New York Times’ follow-up to the much dissected Innovation Report (Nieman Lab’s story about the Innovation Report is the most popular story in its history) of May ...

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What Are They Thinking?

What Are They Thinking? Mark Thompson and The Year 2020 Challenge

Related column: The Thinking (and Dollars) Behind The New York Times’ New Digital Strategy.   Does Mark Thompson have 20/20 vision, or, perhaps better asked, does Mark Thompson have a vision of 2020? As the New York Times shared very ...

What Are They Thinking? Gerry Baker on WSJ Pro’s Mile-Deep, Inch-Wide Strategy

There are the pros and then there are the Pros. What separates them is about $2,000 a year. That’s the price of the Wall Street Journal’s maiden WSJ Pro product – this one on central banking – and the four to six to be launched by end of the ...

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