Newsonomics: Don’t Be Fooled Into Expecting a New Fox News

O’Reilly’s banished. Ailes is plotting something somewhere. And Megyn Kelly and Gretchen Carlson enjoy, or plan to, the air elsewhere. It must be time to reposition Fox News, right? Why, it only makes sense. When an 86-year-old still commands the channel that commands the oldest ...

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Trump, Murdoch, Ailes: A Trifecta of Woe, By The Numbers

They’ve built their business lives on numbers, and this week’s numbers measure the collective, interwoven fates of Donald Trump, Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch. Toting up those woes, the trio’s many critics may feel – this week at least – like they’ve won the Schadenfreude Olympics. For two ...

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Newsonomics: As Fox’s Dr. Frankenstein Exits Right, the Murdochs Are Left to Reboot Their Wounded Cable News Leader.

If the ascendance of Donald Trump is showbiz, the descent of Roger Ailes can only be described as opera. Trump and Ailes should go down into history together, and July 21, 2016 will mark it. Just hours before Trump formally accepted the Republican nomination for President, the Dr. Frankenstein ...

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Now on Both Sides of the Atlantic: The Murdochian Candidates

Chaos reigns, both in London and Gotham. In the shadows, the puppet-maker now works around the clock, enticed by events unfolding beyond even his great powers. Undaunted by what might have been an earth-shaking, career-defining scandal and rejuvenated by the prospects for the future by wife #4, ...

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Yahoo: Who’s Ready To Take On A Legacy Digital-Native Media Turnaround?

Which picture would you like to see on the wall of digital media history alongside that all-time classic, Time Warner’s Jerry Levin half-smile as he brought new partner, AOL chief Steve Case, into the fold as the companies completed their $160 billion merger in 2000?       As ...

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Newsonomics: With New Roadblocks for Digital News Sites, What Happens Next?

At BuzzFeed, a 32 percent miss in 2015 revenue and a halving of its 2016 revenue target, according to the Financial Times. At Mashable, a massive layoff after the company failed to sell itself. At Yahoo, an upcoming sale of its news-producing assets, portending great uncertainty for journalists ...

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What Are They Thinking? Bloomberg’s Justin Smith Sees a Window in Shakeup of Digital Reader Habits

Justin Smith pronounces himself happy with Bloomberg’s month-old redesign. The C.E.O. of Bloomberg Media has been watched closely since he assumed the job a year and a half ago, coming over from a much-acclaimed stint rebuilding Atlantic Media. Now he can finally point to something very ...

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Guardian Space & Guardian Membership, Playing the Physical/Digital Continuum

Can it be that the solution to newspaper companies’ digital woes lies in the physical world? While news reading may be rapidly going digital, humans still, at this writing, spend their time in the terrestrial world. Some even enjoy the social activity that actual physical community events can ...

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What Splitsville Tells Us — and New Intrigue in L.A.

First published at Harvard’s Nieman Journalism Lab   Earlier, related posts: Tribune’s Latest Lease on Life                                        Split ‘Ems — & Then There Was Gannett                           ... Read More

10 Takeaways from Gannett’s Blockbuster Announcements

Follow Newsonomics on Twitter @kdoctor Earlier, related posts: Split ‘Ems — & Then There Was Gannett                                                                                Good Gracia... Read More